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Cut to season six, which continues to focus on Princess Diana. Moreover, the drama wrapped up in her increasing estrangement from the royal family and, ultimately, her death. The team landed on a so-called “Diana algorithm”—a neat formula that helped them decide what the late Princess would have worn today—to help them nail a wardrobe that was relentlessly pored over by the press. “Diana’s story is [actually] very private,” explains Amy. “There are very intimate moments that we’ll never know. We have to use creative license—for example, what ads would Diana be served on her computer nowadays?—because we’re not making a documentary.”

Sassy Saucy And A Litth Bit Bossy Shirt

“It was a match made at first sight,” she says of her association with the brand, known for marrying technical expertise with stylish design in the equestrian world. “The pieces are technical yet stylish, a rare find in the equestrian world. Balancing functionality with fun silhouettes and vibrant colors, Dada Sport allows equestrians to showcase elegance beyond the stables, which resonates deeply with me.”

Sassy Saucy And A Litth Bit Bossy Shirt

Von Teese’s closest collaborators and friends contributed to the new, glamorous wardrobe. A standout is a bodysuit made of Swarovski fancy-cut crystals made by Catherine D’Lish for Von Teese’s martini-glass number. “She’s been my collaborator for the last 23 years, and she makes the most astonishing Swarovski crystallized looks,” says Von Teese. The star also wears two fully-beaded Jenny Packham ensembles, including a pink cowgirl costume and a white tiger-tamer look.

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